The last day of every year is always tinged with nostalgia. You scroll through your newsfeed with year-enders inexplicably telling you how to feel because this year was shit, this year was great, this year was everything you thought it couldn’t be. But let’s be honest, words do not do justice to days no matter how hard you try.

You can’t notably put down on paper a summary of your year, because it cannot be defined by boundaries or precincts. There is nothing to romanticise as the new year creeps in slowly, making you believe that everything can be washed away as the ephemeral being called time tells you that the year has come to a close.

You sit there reading meme after meme, claiming yes that’s you, that’s how you feel, but that’s just because your feelings have become generic, like everything else that surrounds the internet. You believe that’s it true because that’s what you’ve been told. And isn’t that how we have lived the past year? Pretending and perceiving to be just like everyone else when in reality, we are so far from conceiving the individual of it all.

We have lost the individual being that strives to stand out for society because the world around us is silencing our voices.

So maybe this new year, instead of feeling nostalgic, instead of trying to fix and ponder over every mistake you made, raise your voice against the silence.