Today, let’s tell all the little girls out there to wish for something more, something bigger. Instead of reading them fairytales validating the notion of the damsel in distress – cause let’s be honest Arthurian legends can only bid so far – read them stories about our warriors. About the women that fought for our rights, and paved the way for our bright futures. 

Let’s remind our little girls that it’s not about being princesses, they should foster to be literary legends, doctors, lawyers, painters, dreamers. Believers in themselves as opposed to believers in happily ever afters.Remember that a woman invented the novel in the 11th century – where would we be without the novel? Free-falling that’s where.

Let’s remember that Virginia Woolf was the mother of modernism – her A Room of One’s Own goes so far in teaching young women that being a writer is boundaryless and that women need spaces. She was talking about this concept before it was even created. Let’s never forget her words,

“As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.”

Today isn’t about one upping another gender, it’s about finding balance and constancy. It’s about realising that gender should not be a deciding factor in determining someone’s capabilities. 

So today – here’s to all the strong women out there who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.