10:00 pm

Okay, I should probably do something aside from Netflix

10:10 pm

Re-watching gossip girl for the umpteenth time, not even really watching because I already know the show by heart

10: 45 pm

Maybe I should start a new show?

11:00 pm

Hmm but Chuck and Blair are about to get back together. Must not miss this

1:00 am

Okay if I sleep now, how many hours will I get?

1:05 am

Do I really want to go to my workout tomorrow morning? Maybe I’ll skip again. I mean my body, my choice

1:10 am

I did eat a shit ton of fries today though. And those brownies. Maybe I should work it off. I’m low-key hungry though. Why is my fridge always empty aghhhh

1:15 am

Chuck and Blair are definitely not getting back together in this episode. Why don’t I write a little? Random words. Random thoughts. Why did I ever want to be a writer? It’s boring as hell

1:25 am

Let me scroll through Thought Catalog. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration

1:30 am
Scrolling. Scrolling. Scrolling.

I need some tunes to scroll to. Spotify, I’m so sick of this playlist.

Types ‘Sad indie songs to write to’

1:40 am

I give up. There’s no good music out there anymore. And my writing isn’t going anywhere. Maybe I’ll watch another episode of gossip girl